About Us

Serenity Gardens Seniors offers a more intimate experience for our senior residents.

We have 1:4 caregiver-to-resident ratios which allows more personalized care. We want to give our residents and their families a peace of mind knowing that we provide quality care and support. Most importantly we have passionate caregivers that serve from the heart.

We are committed to providing the best services and make a difference in our resident’s lives.

Serenity Gardens Seniors - Floor Plan

Serenity Gardens Seniors Caregiver Qualities

  • Empathy for other people is our number one goal. This involves understanding the challenges that people with disabilities face and caring about their comfort, safety, happiness, and growth.

  • Patience in caregiving is an absolute necessity. Our caregivers are trained to stay calm and positive when routine tasks take longer than usual or when patients have repetitive questions, environmental sensitivities, or sudden mood changes or outbursts.

  • A sense of humor can go a long way toward bolstering patience for our caregivers. We realize that each day will bring something new and finding something funny in the unexpected not only keeps us from getting frustrated, but reduces stress and sparks laughter from our residents as well.

  • Adaptability is an essential quality of our caregivers because in this field, no two days are alike, and circumstances—as well as patient moods—can be unpredictable. Caregiver jobs require employees to be skilled at adjusting plans and schedules to work around our residents’ needs.

  • It goes without saying that our team has to be dependable, it is especially important in working with people with disabilities because routine is a necessity for their well-being. We ensure that our caregivers are predictable, reliable, and punctual which can help patients feel calm and secure. Dependability is also essential in administering medication.

  • Caring for people with disabilities is a team effort, so our caregivers are good communicators who work well with doctors, family members, and coworkers. Part of this includes advocating for our residents whenever care decisions are being made.

About the Owner

Tiffany Duckett opened Serenity Gardens Seniors in November 2022. Since graduating from Central Connecticut State University with a BS in Finance and obtaining an MBA in Finance from Long Island University, she has worked in Financial Services in New York, Los Angeles, and Dallas. Tiffany invested in real estate properties in New York and has been a landlord for the last 10 years.

Her passion to open an assisted living home came after watching her dad lose his independence as he aged. Being home alone, he wasn’t as active or social. Tiffany wants to assist seniors with the transition from their current homes, whether it’s a new room at Serenity Gardens Seniors or learning more about the types of senior housing options available.